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Happy 7 Month Birthday Morgan! - 2008-07-27 10:32:31
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Yesterday was Morgan's 7 month birthday. He is so big and fascinated with everything! I can't believe it's been so long since he was a little, tiny baby-----he has just become a little boy.

We decided to take a drive in our new 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4Door truck. Let me say that buying this truck has been a very emotional process for me. We certainly have never had such a nice vehicle, so that has it's own set of doubts and thoughts about whether we deserve such a fancy car. Our hope was to buy a fuel efficient vehicle to replace the 4Runner that we've never been happy with, but the reality is that there aren't any cars that will fit our family of three humans and two excited, and usually wet, dogs and still get good gas mileage! We thought this was the best fit for our family and at least it doesn't get worse gas mileage than the 4Runner, or our old, beloved Toyota truck.

So, for our first trip into the "woods" with our son we drove up towards Libby and turned off on Thompson River Road. It was a beautiful drive and it felt great to be out in the world just driving wherever the road took us. As you know we are pretty much home bodies and don't get out much, but one of the ways we want to change our lives is to get out into the "wilderness" and show Morgan all the wonders, beauty and magic of the world. We want to show him the things that were shown to us as children and help him to understand that the world is something more than the busy, loud, consumer driven, media infused place that America has become.

On our way meandering down the dirt road we stopped to let the crazed dogs out to get a drink and wade for a while to cool off and as we were enjoying the stillness and the joy of our happy dogs we saw a young moose just down the creek from where we were standing. I haven't seen a moose in years and it felt like such a gift to see some wildlife on our family journey. We loaded back up into the truck and on we went until we found a spot along the road that was very near the small river (more like a creek), so that we could easily get down to the water.

It was a lovely spot and the dogs enjoyed swimming and chasing sticks. I sat on the bank with Morgan while Raymond explored and played with the dogs. Morgan enjoyed listening to the water and pulling up grass and sticks to put in his mouth. Of course being the good mom that I am I prevented anything from actually making it in his mouth! When Raymond came down to meet us on the bank we all got our feet in the water, including Morgan!

It was a lovely, peaceful place surrounded by tall waving grass and pools of water in the stream that you could easily swim in. It was difficult for me, in the hot heat, not to strip off my clothes and swim around with the dogs, but I resisted. Instead we enjoyed watching Morgan marvel at the water lapping at his feet and the feel of the rocks he grabbed from under the water. Watching the dogs so happy warmed my heart and it was a perfect afternoon of Dickinson family fun.

We are thinking of returning to this spot next weekend to camp and fish. Wouldn't that be fun?