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We're off on a Jerry Adventure! - 2008-08-14 10:07:11
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Bring on the Zombies!

We are leaving tomorrow for Virginia City and three nights of Jerry Joseph. We've been arranging and packing up our new/used Coleman pop-up camper for a couple weeks and are excited to get it on the road! We're pretty excited about the camper and think it will be a great addition to Dickinson family adventures. I was surprised how big they really are once they are set up....it has a king size bed, a full size bed, another small bed that can be set up if you lay the table down, a refrigerator, propane cooktop, sink, awning and heater. I certainly think we will be stylin' in this big thing and with our folding table and new folding chairs we should be able to set up a pretty comfortable spot.

Having this new camper has brought back many memories of my grandparents who used to come up each summer and fall and stay in their trailer in my parents yard. I spent many hours with my grandma, sitting at her table doing crafts or listening to stories. Those are good memories and I can feel her spirit around me as a stock my drawers and cupboards with the things we will need to make our journeys fun and comfortable. I even have some of the things that she used to keep in her trailer and that makes it all that much more special.

So, we're off on a crazy trip. Logistics of what we will do with Morgan during the shows at night is still up for decision. Virginia City is so cool and the venue is amazing with the huge windows that open as ceiling high doors, to the wooden side walks we can dance on outside, it's just really cool. Morgan would be perfectly fine to sleep in his portable crib on the sidewalk while I danced next to him (with his new stylish sound blocking headphones on, of course!), but someone would probably call the cops, so that idea is out! I think I'll make him a bed in the back of the pick-up and one of our Team Zombie members will take turns staying with him.

Here's some pictures of the camper and another of my beautiful boy. He sits now all by himself!