From One Home and Yard to Another... - 2009-05-16 18:10:08
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We will be leaving our Boise home and yard in 3 weeks!

I wouldn't have considered picking these wisteria blossoms or tulips if we were staying here, but I thought it would make me happy during this week as I continue to pack up our belongings and take down pictures in the house. I've enjoyed making bouquets from the flowers and shrubbery in this yard, and have found interesting things to work with year round...

The same will be true in our new Montana home! I recently received a note from the folks living there now (the recent owners). She says, "We have really enjoyed living here and we hope you will as well. There are quite a few plants in the yard."

1.) Macintosh type of apple tree
2.) Thorn-less raspberry plants along the fence in the back yard with rhubarb behind the raspberries.
3.) Honeysuckle bush on the thatch fence by the apple tree.
4.) Lilac bush/tree in the side yard.
5.) Possibly some other immature fruit plum? pear? apricot?
6.) Perennial flowers along the split rail fencing with drip hose water: Oriental poppies, galardia, black-eyed Susans, lily, daisies, larkspur, delphinium, columbine, lavender , veronica/salvia, wild rose, tulips, hollyhocks, lupine, flax, money plant, peony, butter & egg plant, and various grasses.
7.) Perennial flowers bordering the house: lily, veronica/salvia, daisy, flax, Peace rose, lily of the valley, vinca, clematis, money plant, strawberries.

All of the plants survived minimal watering, with only periodic weeding. Also, we have never sprayed any chemicals on the property...
Yes! I know I'm going to enjoy this yard!!! Sharon says she has often walked by it and wished it were hers...

Today we went to Lowe's and ordered wall to wall carpet throughout the whole house, and laminate oak design kitchen flooring to be installed as soon as we move out. That will make our Realtor (and Sharon) very happy, and give the new owners a bargain for their money! So, we're leaving our Boise home with a huge storage shed, new roof, brand new carpet and kitchen flooring, new automatic awning, landscaped garden, double paned vinyl windows and sliding glass door, newer water heater, and furnace and air conditioner serviced twice a year...

However... We're gaining a wonderful yard, tri-level home 2 blocks away from our family, easy access to outdoor activities, rivers, ponds, parks, and wildlife nearby, less traffic, and "the Montana way of life"!!!

And we'll be able to celebrate holidays together AND cook for each other!