THIS IS FOR YOU, JACK! - 2010-09-16 17:33:44
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Fall has come to Montana; Jack and Diane can't be here to enjoy it with me, so I decided to take them along with me as I visited Glacier National Park and went for a walk around my neighborhood.

Here are some pictures of our first stop along the "Going to the Sun" road to get you in the mood.

I call this one, "A River Runs through It."

And the beginnings of Fall come into the picture...

We had a beautiful and peaceful day in "our Park" as Bill likes to call it...

So, we continued up the mountain to Logan Pass, stopping occassionally as they worked on the road after big washouts and landslides 2 years ago. At one point it was amazing to see where one whole lane of the road had washed out down the canyon. They are doing an excellent job of rebuilding the road, putting in new turnouts and exhibits, building retaining and rock walls along the edge, and making for a much more "uptown" driving experience for the tourists. It's supposed to be finished by 2012, but even during the short construction season it's busy with tourists. The road is only one lane, and they stop traffic for no more than 15 minutes while the traffic coming the other direction goes by; then it's the other direction's turn to go. We were stopped in two or three places going up and only one or two going down.

It was gave me a much better opportunity to take these pictures while we were stopped because usually you can't stop along the way. I noticed many of the tourists walking around and enjoying, not only the view, but reading the exhibits and taking pictures. So here is the rest of our day in "our Park."

Notice the cars coming up on the right...

We stopped near the bottom of the pass across from Lake McDonald for Bill to get out and hike a little while. Although it doesn't look like it from these pictures, the trail was steep and uphill all the way. He suggested that while he was hiking I could "go and play by the water..."

So, I went across the road to see if I could climb down to the lakeside. It was quite steep just off of the roadway for about 6 or 8 feet, and then it was a more gentle slope down to the lake over many downed trees and moss. I told myself, "If you go down there you'll never be able to get back up."... But you know me... I sat down on my butt and scooted down the first 5 feet or so until I could stand up. Then I found a nice log to sit on and relax and take some pictures. When it was time to climb up and go back to the trailhead to wait for Bill I realized I was right the first time! Getting back up that last 5 feet was quite an adventure!!!

I finally got back up to the road by sitting down backwards again and scooting myself up to the road. When I stood up from a kneeling position on the road I saw 2 or 3 cars stopped waiting to see if I had just crawled up from a car crash over the side! I sheepishly waved them by and indicated I was really all right. Of course, just how "all right" I am is debatable!

So I took these last pictures while sitting at the trailhead waiting for Bill to come back down...

And we headed home from our last trip to Glacier for the year... I hope you enjoyed "getting out" and going to Glacier with us... It's snowing there today...