New life... April, 2011 - 2011-04-03 17:28:04
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OK, here I go... This will take me several days, weeks, or even months to complete and bring you all up to date on happenings in Montana, so keep checking back; you never know what might show up here...

I'm putting up a new web page for family and friends who have been in the dark about our life since we moved "back home" to Montana. This first one will be a long one because it will cover almost two years of thoughts and activities in words and pictures.

As she reads this I'm sure Sharon is moaning, "Oh no; there she goes again rambling on...Her stories always take so long to tell that one dozes off and forgets shes still talking..."... But why else have a blog?... Unless it's like the one I hope Jon will use to advertise a documentary I hope he and Batgrl will make (and be able to sell) about things to eat and places to go while visiting San Diego. We have discovered that he's an expert (more about that later)... See, I warned you!

I'm going to start when Morgan was about a year old and Sharon said to dad one day, "Wouldn't it be great if you and Mom could move up to Kalispell and buy a house close enough to us so that Morgan could ride his tricycle to PopPop's house"... So we did.


He rode his trike over to our house with Sharon yesterday to borrow 2 eggs. What fun! By now this trike in the picture (taken over a year ago) is too small; so it looks like a new one will be needed before we can take him on more trike rides. He wants to ride to the nearby pond (2 blocks away) to see and feed baby ducks;

we'll also go to a park 3 blocks away to play on the slide, swings, and "go around thing"...


Yesterday, after I picked Morgan up from "school" and before we had Sharon over for a steak dinner, Morgan and I walked to the nearby park so he could play on the slides. That was what he wanted to do instead of watching movies before dinner. There were several other kids and parents there because it was the first day this year that there hasn't been snow on the ground or big rain puddles there. When it was time to walk back home he was laughing and said, "That was fun!" And it was!!!

We've started a few tomato, tomatillo, and chili seedlings and have them in the windowsill. This is what they looked like with the latest snowfall in the background.

This afternoon we'll pick Morgan up from "school" and bring him home to stay overnight after Bill has a biopsy on what's left of his thyroid. So, that's all for now, folks.....


After Bill saw the Dr. yesterday it was decided to take out what's left of his thyroid since the other part had cancer cells in it. He'll probably schedule that for next November since there doesn't seem to be any hurry. Today he took his bicycle to the bike repair man for a spring overhaul, and he'll begin riding outside as the weather permits.

After I took Morgan to "school" this aftertnoon we worked in the garden a little bit. The first garden work of spring is always an exciting time. It officially ends a long winter and begins the new season of being outdoors in beautiful Montana!

Last fall after everything else had been rototilled under, as part of putting the garden to bed for the winter, we covered what was left of the carrots and leeks with dirt and leaves, and then a cloth cover weighted down with logs. This afternoon we uncovered it all to find them perfect and ready to harvest and eat or cook. Whenever we had done that in our past gardens sometimes they were OK and sometimes they had frozen and were mushy; but these were all just fine!

First I put them out on the lawn and washed the dirt and leaves off of them with the hose. Then I washed them more carefully as I sat outside in the sun, and brought them in the house to enjoy!!!

Monday we're going to drive down to Missoula to do a little shopping, eat, and stay overnight before driving back on Tuesday. When I come back to this page next time I'll tell you about things we've been doing, and places we've gone, and new places we've discovered since we moved here almost two years ago.

Until then enjoy the pictures, and email me if you have comments or questions because the comment section of this blog doesn't work anymore...