Morgan's week with Gramma & PopPop - 2011-04-17 18:07:45
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Hi again,

The calendar says it's "May Day"! So, I'll try to put up another blog page to catch up with what I began a month ago. It will be mostly pictures and a few words about taking care of our grandson for a week while his parents were enjoying a "second honeymoon" at the ocean, in the wine country, and in San Francisco. I'll also try to include some of what we've been doing lately, and some plans for the future. For those of you who access Facebook, I'll try to post something there.

You can access the blog using : this link

Or go to Jon's page and click on "Mom" ; Kelly's page and click on "Bill&Joyce" there.

As before, you'll have to comment by sending me an email because the comment part of the blog page doesn't work anymore.

This may take me a while to transfer pictures, etc.; so I'll include a little news here...

The snow finally melted a couple of weeks ago, and Bill was able to rototill the garden in preparation for planting last week. Last weekend we planted peas about 10 days later than usual. Since then we've had more snow, rain, sleet, hail, and WINTER; or as we call it "Spring in Montana"! Almost every day we've commented about the amount of snow in the higher elevations (168% of normal), and the wisdom of R&C cancelling their planned trip to see us. On the day they would have left to drive home we had a snow/hail storm, and a winter storm warning for the passes.

We're relatively healthy (Bill is at 95% he says after suffering for months with painful swollen joints from calcium crystals and arthritis). We're both trying to exercise more, lose weight, and get in shape for summer, gardening, a visit from our nephew and his son, and a weeks vacation in Seattle in October : staying here

Bill is already researching places to go, things to see, and restaurants to visit. We're both excited because it sounds like so much fun!

Last night we ushered at the Glacier Symphony, and renewed our joy in sharing concert performances together over more than 50 years... It was the last formal concert of the season, but there is still more to come with the Summer Pops concert and Festival Amadeus.

I can see blue sky today peeking through the clouds! Here's wishing you all blue skies and sunshine in your lives... Joyce

THE FIRST DAY: April 17 & 18, 2011

I picked up Morgan from home where his Mommy and Daddy had a hard time saying "good-by" to him for a week while they were going to be vacationing in California. As we came up the stairs into our house from the garage Morgan was wearing his backpack full of toys and there was a package from Aunt Diane to open...