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We're off on a Jerry Adventure! - 2008-08-14 10:07:11

Bring on the Zombies!

We are leaving tomorrow for Virginia City and three nights of Jerry Joseph. We've been arranging and packing up our new/used Coleman pop-up camper for a couple weeks and are excited to get it on the road! We're pretty excited about the camper and think it will be a great addition to Dickinson family adventures. I was surprised how big they really are once they are set up....it has a king size bed, a full size bed, another small bed that can be set up if you lay the table down, a refrigerator, propane cooktop, sink, awning and heater. I certainly think we will be stylin' in this big thing and with our folding table and new folding chairs we should be able to set up a pretty comfortable spot.

Having this new camper has brought back many memories of my grandparents who used to come up each summer and fall and stay in their trailer in my parents yard. I spent many hours with my grandma, sitting at her table doing crafts or listening to stories. Those are good memories and I can feel her spirit around me as a stock my drawers and cupboards with the things we will need to make our journeys fun and comfortable. I even have some of the things that she used to keep in her trailer and that makes it all that much more special.

So, we're off on a crazy trip. Logistics of what we will do with Morgan during the shows at night is still up for decision. Virginia City is so cool and the venue is amazing with the huge windows that open as ceiling high doors, to the wooden side walks we can dance on outside, it's just really cool. Morgan would be perfectly fine to sleep in his portable crib on the sidewalk while I danced next to him (with his new stylish sound blocking headphones on, of course!), but someone would probably call the cops, so that idea is out! I think I'll make him a bed in the back of the pick-up and one of our Team Zombie members will take turns staying with him.

Here's some pictures of the camper and another of my beautiful boy. He sits now all by himself!


Happy 7 Month Birthday Morgan! - 2008-07-27 10:32:31

Yesterday was Morgan's 7 month birthday. He is so big and fascinated with everything! I can't believe it's been so long since he was a little, tiny baby-----he has just become a little boy.

We decided to take a drive in our new 2006 Toyota Tacoma 4Door truck. Let me say that buying this truck has been a very emotional process for me. We certainly have never had such a nice vehicle, so that has it's own set of doubts and thoughts about whether we deserve such a fancy car. Our hope was to buy a fuel efficient vehicle to replace the 4Runner that we've never been happy with, but the reality is that there aren't any cars that will fit our family of three humans and two excited, and usually wet, dogs and still get good gas mileage! We thought this was the best fit for our family and at least it doesn't get worse gas mileage than the 4Runner, or our old, beloved Toyota truck.

So, for our first trip into the "woods" with our son we drove up towards Libby and turned off on Thompson River Road. It was a beautiful drive and it felt great to be out in the world just driving wherever the road took us. As you know we are pretty much home bodies and don't get out much, but one of the ways we want to change our lives is to get out into the "wilderness" and show Morgan all the wonders, beauty and magic of the world. We want to show him the things that were shown to us as children and help him to understand that the world is something more than the busy, loud, consumer driven, media infused place that America has become.

On our way meandering down the dirt road we stopped to let the crazed dogs out to get a drink and wade for a while to cool off and as we were enjoying the stillness and the joy of our happy dogs we saw a young moose just down the creek from where we were standing. I haven't seen a moose in years and it felt like such a gift to see some wildlife on our family journey. We loaded back up into the truck and on we went until we found a spot along the road that was very near the small river (more like a creek), so that we could easily get down to the water.

It was a lovely spot and the dogs enjoyed swimming and chasing sticks. I sat on the bank with Morgan while Raymond explored and played with the dogs. Morgan enjoyed listening to the water and pulling up grass and sticks to put in his mouth. Of course being the good mom that I am I prevented anything from actually making it in his mouth! When Raymond came down to meet us on the bank we all got our feet in the water, including Morgan!

It was a lovely, peaceful place surrounded by tall waving grass and pools of water in the stream that you could easily swim in. It was difficult for me, in the hot heat, not to strip off my clothes and swim around with the dogs, but I resisted. Instead we enjoyed watching Morgan marvel at the water lapping at his feet and the feel of the rocks he grabbed from under the water. Watching the dogs so happy warmed my heart and it was a perfect afternoon of Dickinson family fun.

We are thinking of returning to this spot next weekend to camp and fish. Wouldn't that be fun?


And the story continues...... - 2008-05-18 11:24:55

I'm starting in the middle of the story and will jump around as it suits my fancy! After many, many years of trying Raymond and I finally had a son, Morgan Finn, on December 26th! He has changed our lives in so many ways and he is such a blessing. We are healthy and happy.....and now we begin again......

First of all I have to express how absolutely wonderful it felt to give myself the gift of coming home early yesterday to be with my son. Knowing that I would only have to work for a few hours made the evening last night very nice and then my work day this morning tolerable. It is such a feeing of excitement when I know I get to spend the whole day with my son and I was very much looking forward to greeting him when I got home.

When I walked into the house this morning it was very quiet so I peeked at Morgan's door and realized he was still sleeping. I quietly came in and said good morning to my husband and gave the dogs their biscuit. We visited as Raymond gathered up his things for work and I began to pick up the house a bit, putting little things away and thinking about how I wanted to spend my day. I figured I would just let Morgan sleep until he was ready to get up, but Raymond said, "Well, this is about the time that he gets up." And I said, "I just thought I'd let him sleep." And he said, with a silly grin as if he was telling a secret, "Well, I usually go in and slowly wake him up by opening up one of his window shades and say good morning to him." I thought, what the heck, I miss him and the whole reason I'm home today is to spend that precious morning time with him. So we went in quietly and Raymond slowly opened up the shade and Morgan began stretching and waking up. As soon as he saw me his whole face lit up into a smile! That smile was just exactly the reason I came home this morning. I wanted that smile. I wanted to be the first thing that greeted him in the morning. I wanted him to know that I was there and that I loved him, and in that brief moment of eye contact I felt closer to him than I ever have. I am just filled with so much love for him that at times it overwhelms me and I laugh and cry with a joy I thought I'd never experience.

I am so humbled and thankful to have this morning with him. I am so happy that my face was the first thing he saw this morning. I so glad that we have the rest of the day to be together. When I see him smile at me I am reduced to a pool of Jell-O.

Here is a picture that Raymond took as soon as Morgan was awake....I call it Mama's Bliss.


Spring Vacation far behind....spring chores slap me in the face! - 2006-05-02 20:04:46

Well, there's no sense trying to blog about our spring vacation now...too much time has past. These days seem to be really dragging me down so the thought of another spring vacation sounds pretty good. And also a night of REALLY loud and angry Jerry Joseph, man, I could really use that right now!!

Here are a couple pictures from our trip anyway. The first is a picture of one of those highway clean-up signs. Every time we drive from Moscow, Idaho to Boise to see my folks there is a stretch of 20 miles or so where this "church" has dedicated themselves to the highway clean-up. It's rather disturbing and hilarious all at the same time. What is this all about?

On the way back we took a different route home than we've taken before and ended up coming through Salmon, Idaho and up the Bitteroot Valley. We ate in Victor at our old stomping ground for Fish and Chips, the Irish pub, Hamilton House. These pictures were taken as we drove up the eastern part of Idaho, stopping to let the dogs out and to stretch our legs. It was beatiful.

I like this picture of myself. It reminds me of a time when I was very happy, feeling no stress, and completely content. I'm wearing one of my dad's old hats that he gave me. It is way too big for me, but I enjoy wearing it. And besides, it's dad's hat so I feel pretty special when I wear it.

So life this spring is getting to me a bit. I'm way behind on getting things done this spring. The gardens are a mess, the leaves never got raked up in the fall, the weeds are taking over and it is currently dandelion season, which always stresses me out, even though it's our own fault because we refuse to spray chemicals to get rid of them. We have accomplished getting all three pine trees trimmed up so that you can easily stand under each one. It has really created a much more open feel in the back yard and we are enjoying that, however, there is much work to do still and burning all the HUGE piles of limbs and raking up pine needles.

We get so many compliments on our yard and gardens and we are very lucky to have the big space that we do and many beautiful herbs and flowers, but it is SO MUCH WORK!! I am completely overwhelmed with the tasks that need to be done...rototilling, mowing, endless weeding, removing the old compost bin (which is now an eye sore since the trees are trimmed up so high), weeding, weeding, weeding, getting all the flower pots prepped and ready to be planted, digging out the stupid blackberries which maybe produce a total of three berries a year, getting the beds next to the hoouse prepped and trimmed for the house painting in three weeks and .....did I mention weeding? Sometimes I wish I lived in a condo! However, once the the main tasks of weeding, rototilling and planting are complete I simply cannot get over how lucky we are to have a half acre in town filled with medicinal herbs, roses, vegetables and beautiful flowers and great trees. God, I wish I could afford to pay someone to do some of this stuff!!!!!!!!! How my parents did what they did on the farm and worked a regular job is beyond me....oh, and raise two children along the way. How do people do it?

My job is going fine. But, the people I work with have drama like Jerry Springer (I am SO not kidding), are so negative about their job and think that Applebees is really good food, so we don't have much to talk about. Sometimes as I'm listening to these people go on and on about their lives I feel my brain shrinking. Truly. And it sort of hurts. I do care about them though, so I'm constantly trying to suggest ways to help them or good food to try. Still, I think my brain is slowly shriveling up. I had several really nice patient interactions in the last week and that always makes the day a better place to be.

The new menu database continues to be a success. I can't believe I didn't do it sooner. I cook almost every night AND we eat at the table. It's seriously a new life for us. I usually go shopping on Sunday morning for all the ingredients I need for the week and then I don't have to go in the middle of the week. It's great. After dinner we clean the kitchen together, I wash and Raymond rinses. Just an amazing change in our lives. But, because I'm spending my afternoon finally posting here we will be having a frozen dinner tonight, and honestly we've found a brand that really isn't that bad. Really. It's a good thing I'm enjoying the cooking, otherwise we might eat them more often!!

The hallway painting saga is finally complete. What a nightmare! It went from the metallic gold color that we both thought we would love, but looked like total crap once it was on the walls, to me thinking I could faux paint/sponge over it. I really thought that it would work! We bought some lighter gold/cream colored paint that I sponged on and then planned on following that with a little sponging of a great red color and a little olive green. It was SO hideous! If the gold color looked like King Tuts tomb, this really did look like a whore house or perhaps exactly like really BAD 70's wallpaper that your grandma had in here newly decorated "fancy" dining room. Holy Crap! It was so bad! We immediately put a stop to the sponging and gathered up all of the close to a hundred paint color samples I've collected over the years and chose a lovely grey blue color called "milk pale". I think it looks exactly like the color of an iceberg. Painting is now complete and the whorehouse gold is only a distant memory.

Some of you know that I began working with a fertility specialist in November. Getting pregnant has NEVER been a problem for us and I began seeing her so that she could find ways that I might be able to keep one of my pregnancies. I had surgery and have followed every little thing that they have told me to do. And, I have yet to get pregnant since this whole thing started, which is strange since gettting pregnant wasn't the issue. I am frustrated, sad, depressed and slowly becoming angry. It would be so easy for me to be bitter. But, I'm not. Everything happens for a reason, that much I know. Sometimes it is really difficult to accept what we get though. Think good fertility thoughts....we can use all the help we can get.

Lastly, our friends Sharon and Jason, and their son, Michael, have adopted a puppy and it is truly the highlight of my season. He is so damn cute and they are doing such a wonderful job of raising him. I am so proud of them and so happy for myself that I get to enjoy all the benefits of having a new dog in my life but don't have to be the one doing all the work of raising him. Hooray for puppies!


Spring and our Annual Spring Vacation - 2006-04-07 10:25:35

Here is a picture of the family. What a wonderfully relaxing time we had! Thanks for the good food, the laughs, tears and your love.

Our spring trip began with two more nights of Jerry~~--~~-which turned out to be our "own private show" since there were maybe 25 people in the bar. It was intimate and relaxing. I had all the room I wanted to dance and that was a nice change from wiggling around with a hundred sweaty bodies! Not that it's always a bad thing!!!

On Monday before the last show we took the dogs for a walk and frisbee playing to a nearby butte. Here is a photo from that. I can't post more now, but will post more pictures tomorrow.


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