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    - Jul 18th, '01

    Pictures of My Food

    Instead of finishing the DEFCON story, I think I'll write about the dinner I had with Mark And Lisa last night. Nothing special, but I had a blast. More about DEFCON tomorrow.

    I'd wanted to go to the Gorden Biersch brew pub for quite a while. San Diego has tons of little breweries and I never seem to get to them. Silly me.

    When we sort of stammered about which beers we wanted the waitress said, "Would you like to try a free sample of everything?" Why yes, that sounds like an excellent idea.

    I thought the beer was good to very good. Certainly not great. And they seemed to be out of the pilsner.

    I had the hefeweizen. It was much sweeter than I'm used to, and very flavorful. I think they might have added some spices. I thought it was cool that they had special glasses just for the hefeweizen. But Mark said that's how they do it in Germany. I thought it was pretty good.

    The glasses were on the large side and maybe I shouldn't have had two. As we were driving back to the hotel Mark and I agreed the sign should have said, "Right turn only (no, really, we're serious)".

    And here's the cute couple. Very photogenic don't you think?

    Mike - Mark said he was looking forward to seeing all 3000 photos from Wales. I think he's trying to talk Lisa into getting a digital camera. After that I guess they'll need to get their own domain huh?

    Lisa tried to convince me that TV was a wonderful medium that made the world much more entertaining and interesting. HA! I think NOT!

    And here's the dinner. Sort of a Cajun thing.

    I got the distinct impression they were trying too hard with the food. Like maybe the chef knew what good food was from reading great recipes without ever eating great food. We had a steak baked in phillo dough appetizer that mystified everyone. Cooking is more than just arranging different ingredients near each other. At some point flavor must be considered.

    We had loads of fun though.

    Tomorrow - The FBI now takes orders from software monopolies.


    It looks like Alli is pregers (sp?). (and people make fun of me for showing pictures of my food)

    In other news.....................

    It sounds like Amber could use some good thoughts sent her way. I think she deserves some.

    On the other hand......................

    ctrl-alt-ego seems to be in the magical throes of love. Don't worry. It gets better. Of course..... then it gets worse, and you get drunk cause it feels better to have a pity party while you're drunk, and then you wake up with a splitting head ache and feel like an idiot, and you swear off love forever. But you shouldn't worry about that right now.

    Are we having fun yet?

    And I agree, it's all Eric's fault. You know I heard a rumor he didn't really exist, and that the whuzzup site was actually being done by a female prison inmate in Canada. Anyone else heard about that?


    I'm getting this question everyday now:

    "Do you know the music to the diet coke commercial where the guy is talking about his wife, who is wearing her underwear."

    I don't have a TV. Anyone knows the answer to this?



    THANKS JON !!! I can taste those Baja shrimp now. You are cruel. Shame.

    Hey, you have pans and a stove. Cook whatever you want. It's not my fault you live in a seafood-free zone. Should I go up to Redondo Beach and have some live shrimp shipped up there? Crabs?

    Redondo Beach Good--Seafood Free Zone Bad...

    I've been swamped since coming back to work. I will try to get those photo's up this weekend but it will probably take me using a cheat program like Photoshop's wizard to post all my photo's to a website but I will try to have them up by this weekend. Hey Mark and Lisa, hope your having fun! Later
    Posted by Ralph, Celtic Llama at 10:31 AM EST on Jul 18th, '01

    I dont care about the seafood... where's my pony???

    I asked the waitress if they had a pony they could bring out so I could take a picture of everyone posing with it. But she just looked at me like I was a weirdo and walked off. Sorry Lisa. No pony. But I'll be going back to the zoo soon. Maybe they have ponies at the petting zoo. I'll check. Are you telling me there are no ponies in Iowa? How sad.

    I like cheese. It's tasty.

    Posted by Julius at 12:14 PM EST on Jul 18th, '01

    Julius is the King-O-Cheese ™

    Iowa has ponies and cows and goats and llamas and pigs and a plethora of other animals. I just wanted a west coast pony. No biggie. I've had much larger dreams crash down upon me and I've survived.

    Can't wait to get back to Ireland and eat Gubeen cheese from Mizen Peninsula. That's our favorite. Anybody see it out there ? Paper wrapped--2lb.and bigger. Totally changes when you take the wax off. We always bring some rounds home.

    "It sounds like Amber could use some good thoughts sent her way. I think she deserves some." Okay, time to get real here. Jon, I really do believe that Amber is probably a very nice person (I read her weblog often) but come on... The post that your link refers to is from a person that just went through a series of wonderful and exciting adventures in NY and Oregon and whatever. The simple fact is, I don't know her. Because of her vague explanations I don't have a clue as to the nature of her angst. When you asked that we lend support to Marilee, that was ever so easy to do. I know the variables there. But why would you ask for blanket support based on, what appears to be, evasion? I know what its like to travel to mystical places and have adventures, and then feel that nothing in the day-to-day feels normal. If you don't believe that I do, just ask Ralph. But, for crying out loud, asking a community of people to feel deeply about a web-phantom doesn't actually help either the person in question or those of whom the request has been made. Yes, I know that I'm reacting overly harshly to this. But here's my thing. If you're uncomfortable with something in your life DEFINE WHAT THE HELL THAT THING IS. Don't just throw out vagueries and expect that people should fall in line with your thoughts. WE don't know what they are. What is Amber unhappy with? Is it the configuration of her house? The decore perhaps? Is she yearning for youth (says the man who's turning a very vile age on the morrow)? I don't know and she ain't tellin'. I'm sure there is a part of you that's wondering why I don't post this directly to Amber. It's simple, really. On her site, she can present or appear as she wishes; its hers. But dammit Jon, you've introduced me (and I presume others) to the Internet community in which you live. I have enough heart-wrenching stuff to deal with in my life that your requests for aid to people who (undoubtably) are worthy, but hidden, ring pretty hollow. I live, as you did, in a land that tries its level fucking best to kill you. Please don't ask me to feel pain (which this comment shows that I do) for someone who feels disjointed at her own excitement. {I am sooooooo going to regret this in the morning. Amber, if you read this, please understand that I only want more ... more honesty, more description, more truth. What is it that really chaps your ass...)
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 3:19 PM EST on Jul 18th, '01

    Folks, Wulfgar seems to be feeling a bit cynical these days. I suggest we all send him some smiles and "positive energy." Hey Wulfgar, you big poopy head. [hug] Here's a flower.

    Put it down the barrel of my gun, asshole ... ;-)
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 3:35 PM EST on Jul 18th, '01

    Okay, okay.......... Look. I trust everyone to look out for themselves here. I've read a lot of Amber's posts and I think she deserves some support if she finds herself at a crossroads. I've done similar things for Greg, Matt, Marilee, etc. They didn't ask. I just did it. The key is to realize that this whole Internet Community thing is made up fiction. It's a story told by millions of monkeys banging on keyboards. (which is one of the things she's talking about I guess) And in my little piece of the story, I tend to do all kinds of silly stuff. Like trust and support people I've never met and don't really know. Now if you want me to defend my attempt to hijack your emotional currency in a shortcut manner..... Well, there ya go. I won't defend it or apologize. You play or you don't. It's just a story and we all read different things into it. We all come away with a different impression. I read the story and think, "Go for it. Don't look back. Best of luck." You read it and think, "What are you whining about?" I'm sure we'll all play this Internet RPG in our own style and with our own goals. I'm perfectly willing to listen to people who insist Amber is a whiner, Halcyon is ego rather than love, Kaycee isn't real, Matt is a fascist, etc. And I understand the value that such dark cloud types bring to the mix. But I just don't do that. I tend to take web loggers at face value.

    Oh! I almost forgot - Happy Birthday Wulfgar!

    Ahh... but who really wants to read a laundry list of the things wrong with my life? There are plenty of sites out there where you can get up close and personal with the author's traumas. And god-dammit, Jon!!! I wanted to be ego instead of love! Really though- thanks for the good thoughts.
    Posted by Amber Eden at 5:18 PM EST on Jul 18th, '01

    "And I agree, it's all Eric's fault. You know I heard a rumor he didn't really exist, and that the whuzzup site was actually being done by a female prison inmate in Canada. Anyone else heard about that?" How could I forget to comment on Eric? Actually, how can Eric not be here to comment on Eric? I still contend that Eric is not a single entity but a collective, some of which war against each other, all with different personalities. Or maybe it's just that I've been watching too much sci-fi lately....

    Amber Eden Jul 18th 5:18 PM "Ahh... but who really wants to read a laundry list of the things wrong with my life? There are plenty of sites out there where you can get up close and personal with the author's traumas. " Amber, the truth is I do. I am not the kind of person who gets up close and personal with others very easily. If you're going to put your psyche out on the Net for all to experience, please expect that some of us will really care. I like what you write, and I'd like to know who you are. But if you feel the kind of angst you express, understand that, to me, its not drama. Its a real person feeling something potent and building a play about it. I have an advantage with Jon; I know him. I understand when he's yanking my chain. I don't know that about you. So I reacted strongly to your expressions of confusion and disastisfaction. I really don't mean to hurt by my rant; I just want to know what's going on. "You read it and think, "What are you whining about?" " Not at all, Jon. I believe that any relationship worth anything is all or nothing. Whining is okay if there's something to whine about. I just want to know I'm not caring about shadows.
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 9:29 PM EST on Jul 18th, '01

    Ok so it is strange to scan a pregnancy test... but I've never seen one with two lines before so it was all quiet a novel experience :) You know John you have to keep taking photo's of your food now because I can't see myself being allowed to eat prawns, crabs or smoked salmon for a few months to come, so as well as a photo I think we need an in depth taste and texture experience from your perspective.

    "I just want to know what's going on." Well, you may be out of luck. I think Batgrl has stated this perfectly - If you want to know the whole story, then web logs are a bad place to find it. I spoil you here - I don't mind just telling people everything. But it's unfair to expect everyone to do that. I understand your point. I'm asking you to do something without the background you need. But I and others seem to have enough background, so YMMV. Like I said, either you play or you don't. "Ok so it is strange to scan a pregnancy test" Oh no, I think it's great. I've never seen that before. "you have to keep taking photo's of your food now" Here ya go. Crab legs, shrimp, smoked sturgeon, scallops, grilled salmon. And some key lime pie. Any other requests? I'm willing to try and eat more seafood if you really think that would help. It's a sacrifice, but I'll see what I can do.

    Wulfgar... Get your butt back up here soon. I am ready for an adventure dammit! BTW: Happy Birthday Old Guy ;<)
    Posted by Ralph, Viking Llama at 6:46 AM EST on Jul 19th, '01

    Actually, I'm coming down there today. But it's for the MBA show (trade conference) so I probably won't have a whole lot of time. I am trying to break some time out in Aug. to come down and go hiking up the canyon. If I can pull it off, you'll be the first to know.
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 7:01 AM EST on Jul 19th, '01

    Thank you everyone, for wishing me a happy birthday. I am turning 39, and it is affecting me the way 29 seems to affect others. That might explain a bit of my pathetic outburst of yesterday. Anyway, Thanks again.
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 7:05 AM EST on Jul 19th, '01

    Wulfgar! I did not think your irrational blurbs from yesterday were anything other than frustrations from an ageing friend. Enjoy ! Happy you know what.

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