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    - Jul 16th, '01

    Oh! Hi.....

    I'm back for DEFCON in Vegas, but still getting unpacked and stuff. Here's a few pictures to tide you over. More commentary tomorrow.

    Careful observers may have already noticed the Sony C1VP sitting behind my pasta with clams there. Buying things always makes me feel better. I feel *much* better.


    It looks like Patti Ann and a lot of other people got conned by folks taking money for web services and then skipping town. Story here. If the domains or companies stattrax.com, idontknowinc.com, twodumbguys.com, 2dumbguys.com, 4billion.com, sillyfly.com, 192226.com, or bigtreemedia.com sound familiar you may have been conned. Patti has more info. If you know anything you might want to get a hold of her. The FBI is looking into the case.



    Please take picture of clams in bowl before you eat them !!! Empty shells not effective. I'm hungry. Where's the Parmesan.

    Actually dad, this is kind of a fancy restaurant. They don't want people digging in to their food with their hands to wrestle with clam shells. So the waitress scooped the clams out before she served the plate. And there's parmesan all over it. It was very good.

    Now you need to explain to us uninitiated what that Sony thing is/does.

    Yes, what is the Sony thing???? And do people ever stare at you in restaurants when you take pictures of your food?

    So, how was DefCon? And what resturaunt was that? I don't miss the Con, but I do miss the Vegas food. Want more pictures!

    No, people don't look at me funny. I think they try and pretend they don't see me. I just do my thing. People don't seem to mind at all. I learned a long time ago that if you confidently act like you're suppose to be doing something, no matter how odd, most people will play along. I use this to great advantage. The "Sony thing" is a small notebook computer. Very small. It fits into my camera bag quite nicely. 600Mhz processor, 15 gig hard drive, Firewire port, 128 megs of RAM, 2-3 hour battery. Mine is running Windows ME, but you can set them up with Win2000 or even Linux. Most everything connects to it via USB, but it does have one type II PC card slot. Hopefully I'll use that for a wireless modem. It runs great. No software or hardware conflicts yet. I've used it to burn CDs. It talks to my camera just fine. It likes Photoshop. I've plugged it into the wall and SSH'ed to the web server. All the good stuff.

    Erik - You are very impatient. I'll have some stuff up tomorrow. Very non-crowded this year. They opened up more space, but fewer people came.

    Ahhh ... Nefarious doings. All the hacker boys and script kiddies were 'cross town getting the jump on new securities at the Black Hat Briefings, while Microsoft was sending its Keystone Cops to Def Con. And mild mannered Jon (Batman) Sullivan transversed the crowd, never knowing whether the latest greatest threat came from the DiVX burning bearded super-crackers, or the snarling feds, with their red-eyes glowing and snouts flaring. What was Jon to do ... tune in tomorrow; same bat-time, same bat-channel.
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 2:22 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    Actually the feds this year seemed to almost be on our side. Last year they were begging us to please stop. This year they seemed to be saying we had it right all along - It will never get fixed if you pretend it's not broken.

    Jon, I was going to post a link to the "Curing Yourself of Consumerism" site, as well as gratuitous pictures of Lenin and other brave comrades just to protest your purchase of the Sony Vaio. Then I thought I would just congratulate you on your purchase with a link to a discussion on the Tenth Commandment. But that sounds too hard, so true to form, I'll just call you a prick, and tell you that I'm terribly jealous. By the way, when are you going to build an automatic linking feature or button into your website? Hint, hint, hint...
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 2:37 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    Remember, anybody who runs a scam out of a Post Office Box Is not protected in Any way !!! Postal Inspectors can cover what is going through boxes. Nobody else can. Call up Post Office and ask for an Inspector. They can cover any box that is doing bad shit. Also, can arrest. The smart crooks use the Private boxes,but if they use the mail Inspectors can still getum.

    "when are you going to build an automatic linking feature" The only way I'd be able to do it is with another pop up. It seems like over kill. I don't know that it would get used enough. If people really want this feature I'll add it. Let me know. But how hard is it to type <a href=xxxx></a>?

    Wulfgar! How did you know about Jon and Batman? Jon used to wear his favorite blankie around his shoulders like a cape and leap from the top of one piece of furniture to the top of another, all around the room, screeching, "Look at me. I'm Batman". Of course, this was a long time ago. And he always wore his blankie cape while he watched Batman on TV. What do you wear when you watch Batman now, Jon?
    Posted by Aunt Diane at 3:03 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    That is absolutely not true. You must have completely made that up. It never happened. There was no "blankie", no Batman, no superhero role playing. I was a very dignified and mature child.

    Jon: Ya know, for those of us impatient enough to await new pictures from Jon, why not have Jon create some scripts that allow *us* to take pictures on demand. He could wear a digital camera and/or a web cam and we could CLICK on a buttom and WHAMMO! Instant picture. For those of us with joysticks, we could also try positioning Jon. (Example: move joystick forward --> camera zooms in. hit fire button --> activates shutter.) JOn always claims he can do everything with PHP...
    Posted by Kindigulous at 3:30 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    !!!Ka-Pow!!! ka-BLAM!!!! !%&$#SMACKO!!!
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 3:30 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    "Ka-Pow!!!" Never happened. Very dignified.

    Come on now, Jon. You and Bob Henry were very big on Batman. Don't try to tell me you don't know who Bob Henry was. I don't know for sure if Bob Henry had his own blankie cape, 'cause nobody could see Bob Henry except you. But you always used to say in a very pained tone, "Don't sit there! Bob Henry is sitting there." Like we were all such imbecile dorks we couldn't see him!
    Posted by Aunt Diane at 3:40 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    "create some scripts that allow *us* to take pictures on demand" It can be done. But I'd sort of have to be wearing the server. Now that I have the Sony Picturebook this is theoretically "possible." But it will be a while before I would get around to it. I'd guess that I'd need to get Linux and Apache running on the laptop, install a wireless modem ($60 a month), find a USB webcam, get some hackable scripts for firing the webcam, tie it all together with PHP and Perl. Not rocket science, but certainly a pain. And expensive. As an interim step, I'm going to see what the costs would be to hook my modem to a cell phone and upload photos and commentary while on location.

    "You and Bob Henry were very big on Batman." I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't remember anything like that. I'm sure I would have never had "imaginary friends." That's just silly.

    Well, I sure am sorry you don't remeber Bob Henry. My impression of him was he was pretty cute! He lived with us for about two years. He went everywhere with us...as long as you went, too. When I asked you what he looked like, you said, "He looks just like me, only he's bigger and stronger". That's how I know he was cute! After about two years he didn't seem to be around as much. I asked you what happened to him, and you said he died. Now that is a cruel way to put an end to your best friend! Cruel and cold!
    Posted by Aunt Diane at 4:18 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    "Bob Henry"? Hmmm....
    Posted by Julius at 4:45 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    Oh God........... Hey, hi Julius. How's that email update feature for the company intranet coming? (I was *not* schizophrenic)

    Come on now.... Jon being Batman? The Dark Knight? Get real people, I mean...... Hey wait a minute.... I don't think I ever saw Jon Sullivan and Batman together at the same time!! By God....You may be Right!! Holy Batshit Bob Henry! I have seen him make daring leaps in the darkest of hours from pinacle to pinacle. Things only Batman (or a drunken fool) could perform. Yes, he must be Batman.
    Posted by Ralph, Super Llamma at 6:50 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    Jon! Dude! Where have you been? I've been trying to get in touch with you! Why don't you return my calls? Hi Aunt Diane! Let's all do lunch!
    Posted by Bob Henry at 7:16 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    Don't forget to take Teddy and Grey Bear ! I think I'll sit this one out. Mr. Roberts was another of Jon's special friends ,Cutie ,Garcia ,Nancy ,Pooh ,Barry Manilow ,Perry Como ,Moochy ,Alice the Fish ,Horace ,Santa ,Frenchie ,......

    Hi, Bob Henry--glad to see you're back. I think lunch with Jon, Aunt Diane, and the gang sounds great. Just let me know where and when.
    Posted by Moosey Salami at 8:13 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    Hmmm. I think Jon has become silent in order not to encourage such talk. Meanwhile my imaginary friend went to Berkley some years back - I think she already has her PhD by now (we haven't talked in a while). One year my mother (a schoolteacher) had her 5th grade class write letters to her - the imaginary friend, that is. Now that was pretty odd, I thought...

    dad, Dude, Garcia's table manners were atrocious. You wouldn't really expect Jon to take the spirit of that great being out to a FINE restaurant, would you? batgrl, I think your mother had a creative vision. Nothing odd at all, there. Remind me to tell the story of Payton Farquar sometime.
    Posted by Wulfgar! at 10:13 PM EST on Jul 16th, '01

    "Jon! Dude! Where have you been?" Shut up!!!! You're not real!!! Stop haunting meeeee!!! "Moochy ,Alice the Fish ,Horace" No more posting after heavy drinking. "I think Jon has become silent in order not to encourage such talk." No, actually I was out at dinner with my old friends Mark and Lisa. We went to El Agave. Highly recommended. But the waiter was quite drunk. I'm not sure what was up with that.

    Did you go down the street from El Agave for your free dinner at Cafe Pacifica , yet ?

    I have a reservation for next week. I'll take lots of pictures.

    Whoa dude! Mark and Lisa were down?? Cool! How they doing?
    Posted by Ralph, Wonder Llama at 9:37 AM EST on Jul 17th, '01

    They're good. Road tripping all over the west coast. We're having dinner again tonight.

    Jon, you most certainly DID have a "blankie" and wear it around like a cape! It's all coming back to me!
    Posted by sharon at 10:14 AM EST on Jul 17th, '01

    Hey, I used to wear a red towel and a blue shirt and stop Lex Luthor from doing evil a lot. Doesn't make me Superman. I realize I'm backtracking from my initial Batman statement but I wanted Jon to know he wasn't alone.

    "Remind me to tell the story of Payton Farquar sometime. " Ok, Wulfgar - I'll bite - tell us of Payton Farquar.

    Batgrl & JonAaaaalright, everyone chill... Jon doesn't want us to know he's Batman, then let's let it go, okay? (hee hee)
    Posted by Eric Brooks at 8:17 PM EST on Jul 17th, '01

    heh heh. this is pretty funny. i was just on here looking for pictures of clams, and i stumble across poor jon trying to stuff the plush skeletons back into the closet. jon, if you ever do get to the restaurant down the street from the el agave, do please order some type of shellfish and get a pic of you eating them. you don't know how hard it is to find a pic like that. also, please give my regards to bob henry.
    Posted by sancho at 11:32 PM EST on Sep 21st, '02

    I had the abalone, and I did take pictures. Now can we (finally) move on?

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