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    Jon's Diet Coke Resources

    I love Diet Coke. Just for the taste of it. I can't stand the syrupiness of regular soft drinks. The new can sucks, but we can't have everything. I find myself drinking several cans a day. I finally had to start going to warehouse stores to buy cases in bulk. A day without Diet Coke just doesn't feel right.

    Is Aspartame dangerous? I frequently get emails from the lunatic fringe patiently explaining to me how dangerous Aspartame is. If you're interested in my research and opinion you'll find it here, and here, and here. No, it's not dangerous.

    If you find a site I don't have here, please let me know. Keep in mind that I don't have a TV, so questions about commercials will be lost on me. If you think Nutrasweet causes all manner of health problems I suggest you get a life. Do some research before you believe crap you hear on the Internet.

    Here are the sites of some other lovers of this fine, cool, refreshing beverage.

  • dietcoke.com Usually quite cheesy but worth the visit just to see how multibillion dollar corporations can waste marketing dollors.
  • My favorite Coke jingle
  • A Coke font. Only a few logos, but cool anyway.
  • Another Coke font. This font is based on the Coke logo.
  • More Diet Coke links
  • Lots of Coke links
  • This is hysterical
  • Coke Gift A cute .exe file.

    Fan pages

  • The Secret to Happiness Here you will find assorted Coca-Cola related material including, links, graphics, recipes, articles, guestbook, and a place to post ads, announcements, and questions on the Coca-Cola Message Board.
  • Emma Sauk Just a brief mention.
    Message boards

  • The BevBoard Documents 1 to 10 of the best 50 matching the query "diet coke".
  • Coca-Cola Message Board Fairly good traffic but not many responses.
  • She-Net Diet Coke Addicts Anonymous (dead now)
  • Sally's Coca-Cola Page Web Forum Lite traffic but worth a look.

  • Diet Coke is poison. "It's killing the unborn, raining tumors and seizures on the population, destroying children, incapacitating workers, mimicking MS, erasing memory and blinding." - HAHA HA HA HAHAHA!!! HAHAHAHA!! Uhhh... Stop... Yer killing me.
  • The Deadly Truth When the temperature of Aspartame exceeds 86 degrees F, the wood alcohol in ASPARTAME coverts to formaldehyde and then to formic acid, which in turn causes metabolic acidosis.
  • Aspartame and Multiple Sclerosis Basicly just whining.
  • 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet! reviews: Pepsi One Oh please!!
    Brief Mentions

  • Diet Coke-aholic My name is The Real A and I'm a Diet Coke-aholic
  • Drying Out in the Desert In other words, I like my Diet Coke.
  • The Electronic Time Capsule Diet coke, as we know it today, is a brown-colored, carbonated, sweet-tasting liquid soft drink.
  • A New Hope "PRRFFTT!" Jet Wolf exclaimed, spraying diet coke up and all around, as Belial did his utmost to dodge the diet coke shower.
  • Coke vs Pepsi I can't stand Diet Pepsi. In a can or from a fountain, it tastes awful to me. Diet Coke, on the other hand is sweet nectar
  • Flat, Tepid Diet Coke The next best thing to M&Z's coffee, especially if you're up 'til dawn in front of the computer is: Flat, Tepid Diet Coke
  • Higgins Analytical AnalyticalDiet Cola Additives
  • Meat Loaf "but in private he is a middleaged man that likes to chit chat over a Diet Coke"
  • Andy PeaPod If I believed in souls, and I still had one… I think mine would taste like Diet Coke.
  • Coca-Cola Company Ms. Blanchard, please be assured that our products in the United States and Canada are gluten-free.
  • Dumping Diet Coke *Every* time, I get the Coke, and she gets the diet coke. Why?
  • Sizzling Summer Tips Very brief.
  • Kevin Sorbo He appeared in ads for Jim Beam, Budweiser, Diet Coke, BMW, and others.
  • Diet coke Funny, I gave up grains and most dairy products, but I can't seem to stop drinking diet sodas!
  • Cardinal International Diet Coke Glass
  • GL Photography Diet Coke
    Diet Coke abuse

  • Coca-Cola is an effective spermicide. Very informative.
  • Alt-Photo-Process Archive: Re: Diet Coke Wow! Really?
  • Diet Coke and kallitypes Will wonders never cease?
    Link lists

  • Bobby's Coca-Cola ® on the Web Big list, but mostly Coca-Cola.
  • Sites On The Internet Another big list. Also mostly Coca-Cola. Not categorized.
    Diet Coke Things

  • List of Internet Accessible Coke Machines This is a list of various coke or other vending machines that are accessible via the Internet.
  • The Switzerland Coke Machine This looks really cool, but it doesn't seem to be hooked up.
  • Status of Paul's Refrigerator The Diet Coke can is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, 0 degrees Celsius.

  • AdCritic.com Diet Coke - Change
  • Leslie's Coca-Cola Videos Page 24 videos from international Coke commercials (in .avi, .mpeg, and Real Video formats)
  • Diet Coke Promotion This was one of those "start at 10:00pm, generate five logos and storyboard ideas by the time the plane leaves at 7:00 the next morning" projects. Diet Coke loved them.
  • Commercial Breaks Case Study Radio Adds Far More than just Frequency to TV
  • Coca Cola Light/Diet Coke Even though the Coca Cola Light campaign "Just for the Taste of It" was used in many different countries, the execution of that strategy was tailored to cultural differences.
  • adair-greene.com AGMC - Diet Coke
  • SBG For SBG Enterprise, the redesign of Diet Coke presented a challenge of global dimensions: to create a compelling and cohesive branding system for one of the world's best known brands
  • Warning I'm not an addict. Really, I'm not!
  • Diet Coke billboard This Diet Coke billboard was designed to coincide with the release of the Batman Returns movie.
    Diet Coke humor

  • Exploding Coke cans This report details a series of experiments investigating the behaviour of drinks cans when placed in a low-temperature environment for a prolonged period.
  • The State of the Art Perhaps the most universally recognized tool for improving a professional programmer's productivity is C. Not the C language (after all, this is the April issue, not February), but the C additive, Caffeine.
  • Diet Coke 16 Reasons Why a Diet Coke is Better Than a Man
  • Disgruntled Housewife Diet Coke is for those of us who are modern enough to take that leap of faith into the realm of the unknown.
  • Soundgarden for Diet Coke And now, from the Soundgarden archives... we bring you a picture from the little known commercial that Chris and Kim did for Diet Coke!
  • *TOP SECRET* On the night of the 5th of September 1997, two people were apprehended at the SIS building located on South Bellfield Av in Pittsburgh.
  • Will Rice News Diet Coke shown to cause cancer in Rice students
  • A Word on Diet Coke As a side note, nine out of ten women prefer a man who drinks Diet Coke. It shows they're not afraid to show their more sensitive side.
  • Diet Coke Guy Do you often dream of having 100 tall, attractive men in Speedo’s parading on a catwalk just for you?
  • H2G2 I have a theory about Diet Cherry Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke
  • The Diet Coke of Fate COQO Monks living high in the mountains of Peru have mastered the art of foretelling the future by watching the dance of bubbles in their Diet Coke(tm). A twist of lime helps.
  • Free Diet Coke Coca-Cola is offering four free cases of diet coke or regular coke to every person you send this to.
    Tunes & Download

  • things-g.au I love this one. "Things go better with Coca-Cola.."
  • coca-cola downloads Over 40 files now for your enjoyment! Take your pick from screensavers, themes, fonts, wallpapers/backgrounds/icons packages etc.
  • Coca-Cola Music Coke MUSIC--Files are available in the following formats: wav, mid, au, ra, mp3! There are old songs, new jingles, sound effects...a bit of everything!
  • dcoke.wav Just for the taste of it.
  • Diet Coke screen savers Windows SCR with animated Diet Coke(tm) ads [554k]
  • coke.mid Coke midi file
  • Coke Font
  • alwayscoca-cola.wav Always Coca-Cola Wave file.
  • Screen saver Can-Man Screensaver
  • Screensaver Bubbles Screensaver
    Press & Prose

  • USADATA.com LifeStyle Connect Targets of selected Diet Soft Drink consumed
  • Diet Coke = Art = Death Let us begin by thinking of the can's form and composition. The cylindrical shape lends itself to the composition, by creating the overall dimensions.
  • Jonesing for my Coke high Why can't I make it through a day without my diet soda fix?
  • Advertising Age. Diet Coke opts for singing over selling
  • Advertising Age Diet Coke works up new theme
  • Advertising Age Diet Coke achieves maximum annoyance
  • USA TODAY Diet Coke ads off mark in hitting target audience
  • The Soft Drink Industry The soft drink industry is not only the provider of America’s favorite refreshments, but it is also a huge asset to the United States’ as well as the world’s economy.
  • EXPRESSindia.com Beginning on February 1, the beverage giant began packaging 32-page selections from novels with all 12- and 24-packs of Diet Coke.
  • safetyalerts.com Diet Coke in 2 Liter Bottles Recalled
  • The Orion Sometimes a Diet Coke can is just a Diet Coke can
  • Richmond Times Forget the Diet Coke and doughnuts diet
  • Coke floats Why does a can of Coke sink while a can of Diet Coke floats?
  • Indian Express Market dynamics force Coke to delay launch of diet cola
  • USA TODAY Diet Coke ads unpopular, but effective
  • Media Central It's probably safe to say that Diet Coke doesn't need the Web to establish brand recognition, sell its product or do anything else.
  • Space Online Lucid To Receive Years Supply of Diet Coke
  • Taste Test In the endless knife fight that is the Cola Wars, the two tied-at-the-wrist gang leaders are circling again - around to exactly where the other guy was just standing.
  • American Historic Inns Diet Coke offers a free night at an inn or a free round of golf
  • Unforgotten Dreams Lazy autumn nights sipping high proof diet coke, subtly inhaled earthly vanilla scents

  • Beverage Digest 1997 Top-10 Soft Drink Companies and Brands.
  • Beverage Digest 1998 Top-10 Soft Drink Companies and Brands.
  • Beverage Digest US 1999 Top-10 Soft Drink Companies and Brands.
  • National Soft Drink Association Caffeine Content Of Popular Drinks
  • CSPI Press Releases Caffeine Content of Foods and Drugs
    Coke Pages

  • Coca-Cola Pictures over 900 miscellaneous Coca-Cola related pictures in many categories...
  • Leslie's Coca-Cola Homepage Coca-Cola downloads, music and videos. Coke bottles and cans and links to the people who collect them. Company information and history.
  • Coca-Cola History and Collecting Good Coke history page.
  • Carol's Coca-Cola World Hello and Welcome to My Coca-Cola World. Are You ready for a slow stroll down Memory lane?
  • Thomas On-Line An ice cold Coke on the back of my troth saying: Hello summertime ! Have a Coke, and start looking up!
  • Home Of Q I do not represent Coca Cola Company nor am I employed by them in any way. I am also not responsible for our current administration and the fools they take us for.

  • Coca-Cola Belgium Love it!
  • Coca-Cola.com This site kicks ass.
  • The 'official' Diet Coke Homepage Every day, you decide how to make the most of what you do. You choose the moments that make you feel more alive. So in the end, every day belongs to you.
  • Products of The Coca-Cola, Company Major products marketed and distributed by Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. in North America:
  • Coca-Cola - Eastern Division We are pleased to welcome you to our new Web Site. We ask that you use our Sales Center menu to locate the Sales Center nearest you.

  • Virtual Home Town Diet Coke Collectibles
  • Neal Larsen FOREIGN Diet Coke and Other Cans
  • P&D Collectibles "The Premier Website" for Coca-Cola Collectibles
  • Vintage coke machines Specializing in Refinishing Vintage Coke Machines
  • Always Collectors Corner Always Collectors Corner offers highly collectible Coca-Cola memorabilia at modest prices.
  • SLam's SLam's Can Collection: Diet Coke Can Designs
  • Coca Cola Cards In 1981 in conjunction with Topps Coca Cola issued baseball cards as premiums.
  • J.E.T. Sports Cards & Bottles Coke Bottles, Cans and Sports Cards
  • Coca Cola Seating Coca Cola barstools and Coca Cola chairs are durable and comfortable. Get your Coke seats now.
    Online Stores

  • eBay.com Always lots of great stuff here.
  • Amazon.com Music & auctions.
  • Amazon.com Book search. Not much there.
    Other Stuff

  • archive of legends & netlore A very recent MIT study reaffirms that aspartame is harmless for most users
  • archive of legends & netlore Most of the allegations contradict the bulk of medical evidence
  • Greg Dries Why do diet coke cans float and regular coke cans sink?
  • cornell.edu I heard a while back that drinking an excessive amount of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi can cause cancer. Is this true?
  • Don Racine Stars and Diet Coke
  • Soda Pop Quiz Before 'Diet Coke', the Coca-Cola company put out another low-calorie cola. What was it called?
  • Me & Diet Coke Big truck. Big.
  • Refreshment Cards Spread a little refreshment by sending a friend a diet Coke postcard.
  • Helena at drinking Diet Coke Now I think that Coke should pay us something, don't you?
  • 4tvs.com 2 Diet Cokes, and 4 dollars

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